Rufus Hound Hand

This is my Rufus Hound hand … I’ll leave that with you for a short while, while you get “WTAF you freak!” Out of your head ~ don’t judge me, well not yet anyway. I’m sure you’ll be aghast in less than five.

Rufus Hounds headlined at the Christmas Distraction Club tonight – he was unquestionably brilliant, utterly brilliant – talented beyond doubt doing improv – he is hilarious too … I’m getting a little gushy it’s true, but, gah, he was!

He also took his top off during a song, I didn’t take a picture, no not “a” picture, five, yes.

After the show he hung around and mingled with the crowd chatting away ~ it is at this point he grabbed my hand. Well grab might be a *little* excessive ~ “held my hand and said thank you” … clearly he is now, upon meeting me, currently divorcing his wife and will be knocking at my door in seconds … pauses … might be a wee tad stuck in traffic …

I declare instantly that I’m never washing my hand again and walk home with my right hand pointing upwards like the Queen immobilised mid wave. As soon as I get home I wash my hand, cause it’s ridiculous … well after I took a picture of course.

This is the hand that Rufus Hound held! … and that’s not easy to say.

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