Impromptu Night Out with the Girls

IMG_1874.JPGFancy a going out tonight? 8.30 at Highbury?? I umm’d and ahh’d for a bit, but after I’d put the Christmas tree up I thought why the hell not, I hadn’t seen Nors since before the US, some two months ago. Crazy. And very little of Stacey and Cat.

We started on the prosecco, had a little more prosecco, and a little more after that and some gin thereafter, interspersed with quite a lot of dancing until gone 2am.

It was a fabulous night right up until we discovered Stacey’s coat and Noreen’s scarf had been stolen. Bizarrely we tracked down the women who’d taken them in a neighbouring bar and got them back. Oddness.

God my body hurt the next day. I think my body thinks I’m too old to dance. My body can go to hell.

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