Jersey Boys

I spent ages trying to figure out what show to take my mum to while she was down in London. If you’re going to spend £100 on a ticket, you’ve got to get it right, right? Worst thing you can do is come out of the show and go “well that was shite” … I give you A Chorusline as a case in point. The worst show I’ve seen ever. Just ever!

And knowing mum was picky, I just wasn’t sure, whether to even bother.

I booked on the morning, it took me that long to figure it out. It was a brilliant show that had me singing along ~ is that allowed? I did. They have amazing voices, especially Franky Valli (Sandy Moffat) ~ however my particular favourite [cause he’s hot!] was Matt Nalton who played Nick Massi ~ I’d like to think he caught a glance of my radiant beauty hovering like an angel in the royal circle and smiled … he didn’t.

Great show ~ it’s on at the Piccadilly Theatre. Details

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