Move More ~ Zumba … perhaps

“Zumba 10am tomorrow anyone?” came the message across Facebook – bizarrely I thought, yeah why not. I’ve lost a stone this year, but that was early on – since changing jobs in May, I’ve fluctuated up and down a bit, but not gone any lower. There’s never a day that goes by, at work, without some sweet treat in the kitchen. In the lead up to Christmas I think we’ve ploughed through in excess of 30 tubs of Quality Street. We’re all on the superhighway to a diabetic future. It needs to stop, well for me anyway.

So I thought yes. I need to re-kick start the weight loss. Let’s. Do. This!

It was without question one of the longest hours of my life ~ I surprised myself by how much I could do without falling to the floor begging for mercy, but it was one long long hard hour.

I think I’ve found my method of exercise ~ dance ~ in its various forms.

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