Zedel ~ A Hidden Brasserie


We’re trying to find somewhere quick to eat before Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly Theatre – “not pasta or pizza” is all my mum has said ~ so Jamie’s is out – there’s a seemingly tiny brasserie across the road from Jamie’s, Zedel Brasserie. It looks more like a coffee shop to be fair, but it’s got food that Mum will eat, so hurrah.

But there’s a sign that points through a doorway for the brasserie … and then a lift, down, two floors down and round the corner and then into a very grand art deco room, newly refurbed, as it turns out, into the brasserie.

Throughout lunch I’m sat wondering how this place ever came about. How did it happen? Why? Seriously How and Why?

The waiter, thankfully has the answer – it used to be The Regent Palace Hotel, designed in the beaux arts style, owned by the Crown Estate with over 1000 rooms … ahhh that explains it.

It’s a fantastic hidden basement brasserie and the food is good too.

The history of Zedel

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