2014. Oh What A Bloody Brilliant Year!


As we exit 2014, I look back on the year and think what a bloody amazing year it’s been.

There’s been crap times, don’t get me wrong ~ I didn’t skip through 2014 with buttercups and daisies surrounding me, oh no , far from it ~ 4 months of whooping cough; lost job; fell in love with the most inappropriate man [not single], to name but a few ~ but what’s life without a few speed bumps? Other than a smooth and enjoyable ride … ok bad analogy ~ but you get over them. Whooping cough, gone; aching obsession with attached man, gone; new job, got. Things happen for a reason, right?

At the beginning of the year I could never have imagined what 2014 would have in store – it was packed, rammed full of great moments ~

January brought with it a trip to Berlin and the realisation that “big” girls can be sexy ~ that conversation started to change my perception of who I was; how I was perceived and how I wanted to be perceived.  I also started my “move more” resolution with a fitsteps class that I’ve continued all year.

February brought with it a bloody brilliant and liberating trip to Brussels only my second truly solo holiday – it taught me not to be scared. I was also finally diagnosed with Whooping Cough – it’d been a ropey 8 weeks preceding it – funny now how you forget how utterly terrifying it was. It was also when I found out I would lose my job, although I couldn’t tell anyone at the time, it was [here] and that’s what the coded message was about … what a month hey?!

March … oh March – that was a hard one, living the secret of losing my job and trying to find another ~ one of the best days of the year for sure happened on 27 March [what a day]

April was a painful month – I spent a lot of time staring out the window 16 floors up feeling miserable [MAT], but family and friends rallied around [dancing].

May ~ brought with it a new job and I said a sad farewell to Voxgen. And there was visit from my brother and his new girlfriend – new to us, they’ve been together years. I hadn’t seen him in 7 years and after a near miss at Heathrow we finally saw each other again. We spent a brilliant two days together in London. A dear friend’s wedding and a relaxing time in Ireland, including swimming in the Atlantic! Oh and I went for my first, but not last run of the year… to be fair there weren’t many of them.

June was all about fitting in to my new job; health week at work, having a knackered backdancing until it ached and laughing til it hurt and debating the etiquette around knee positions on buses.

July ~ birthday month coincided with a downturn in blogging – I wasn’t at my happiest ~ but you come out of that.. and so came ..

August, the month of cocktails, live music and the sad death of Robin Williams – I was absolutely dumbstruck by his death. It was also the month where two wierdo guys decided to get freaky on my ass on the tube. I’d heard people had had problems like this before, but twice in two weeks, that was crazy. It resulted in me having a two undercover police officers tailing me for two days to see if there was a pattern, other than me, my arse and a finsbury park tube, there wasn’t.  August was also the month I started to learn how to dance, although I didn’t blog about it until …

September was a very quiet blogging month, but I learnt to Argentine Tango – my love of dancing had grown and I was doing 3hrs of dancing every Tuesday. Also cooking weird meat (according to my friends) and a reunion with old college friends.

October, wow October, was my big US Adventure with my brother and his girlfriend, Melissa ~ down the east cost from Maine to Virginia, taking in New Hampshire, Boston and Washington along the way. It left me hankering to travel more and brought some wonderful new people into my life.

November ~ the lull before the storm of Christmas, but it brought back into my life absent friends and the staggering sight of the poppies at the Tower of London. And so to…

December ~ a busy busy month catching up with so many friends (1, 2, 3 to name just a few), singing and dancing – it’s been a month and year of so much fun and as I’m sat with a some good friends on New Years Eve I realise a few things:

  • I have a great set of friends ~ as a consequence …
  • I have a great life, in everything I’ve done this year, I’ve been surrounded by fantastic friends, be it laughing, singing, dancing; and as a result
  • As I leave 2014, I realise that I can honestly say I haven’t been happier.

At the beginning of 2014, I decided I would:

Move more; eat more healthier; regain a healthy life/work balance; eradicate things that add unhappiness to my life and increase those that add joy ~ kiss more; laugh more; sing more; dance more; see friends more; earn more; learn more; and always be the best that I can be

In answer to all of those, I can honestly say “Yes!” … 2014 has been awesome ~ here’s to another bloody brilliant year in 2015. I hope that yours is too.

Verity xxx


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