Test Cake

2015/01/img_2385.jpgI’m a lunatic ~ it’s my friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday next weekend and I’ve offered to do the cake. My oven burns on the left, barely cooks on the right and quite apart from that I’ve never iced a cake like the ones I’ve said I could do before … yep a lunatic!

I’ve spent the last ten days, frantically browsing the internet for inspiration; researching techniques; watching tutorials; coming up with various designs; sourcing and buying baking supplies and ingredients [except flour it transpired]; and generally working myself up into a stressed out state of hypoxia! I’m regretting the statement “yeah, I think I can do that!” … lunatic

It’s the actual bake that worries me the most, especially the odd shape and sizes ones especially … all of them. You can tell whether the outside looks ok, but the inside might be dry, or undercooked or a whole host of other disasters may have befallen your cake … and you’ll never know until it’s cut open in front of a crowd … not remotely daunting at all!

Given the enormity of next weekends task, I booked next Friday off and thought I would do a test cake this weekend for my friend’s birthday. And I’m glad I did. It took ages, about 11 hours in the first stint, with a further hour the next morning. And there were loads of lessons I learned along the way like

“don’t get angry that colouring the fondant icing is taking so long and dump in loads of orange in one go ..!”

“don’t start baking at 5.30pm, because you will still be awake at 4.30am”

“always let the fondant icing loops dry, otherwise they slump over night”

“never under estimate just how long it takes, bloody ages”

With all that said, I really loved doing it and outwardly I thought it look not bad at all [inside was thankfully ok too], but now the 3-tier real cake for next weekend is very very daunting. I’m just trying to tell myself, it’s just cutting out icing and sticking it down…. lunatic!

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