The Big Cake Bake


I offered to bake a birthday cake for my friend’s daughter. That in itself would have been fine if I hadn’t then sent several, nay many googled images to my friend and said “I’m sure I can do something like this” … hahaha, idiot! What a complete idiot – I’d not made a cake in years and I’d never iced a cake with fondant icing ever, not remotely once, so my assertion that “hey, I can do this kind of things” was ridiculous bravado ~ or just plain stupidity.

“Her favourite colour is turquoise”

Oh hell – how do you make a turquoise cake look feminine or just plain not masculine … oh you hadn’t realised that the cake in the picture was for a girl? Anyhoo << I’ve taken to saying that far too much of late, but anyhow …

Images were google, YouTube videos on how to ice a cake; how to build a topsy-turvy cake; how to even create those fondant shapes, were watched. After hours I kind of figured what I was going to do.

But I needed to test it out, so I did a [Test Cake] for my friends birthday – it took much much longer than I had ever thought it would, but I learned many lessons, including the most valuable “don’t underestimate how long it’s going to take”

When I drew up a plan of when I was going to do what, it quickly became apparent that making it on the Saturday for delivery at noon on the Sunday, just was laughable ~ especially as I had an engagement party to go to on the Saturday evening. A day off work was required.

As long as the cakes were baked by lunch time I knew I’d be ok … I finished baking them at 4pm. By 3.30am I’d filled, double coated, carved, iced and stacked the cakes – no decoration was done.

… and so the process of decoration started the next day – bit by bit, slowly trying to figure it out – lifting it in and out of its massive 16″ cube of a box, all the while praying I wouldn’t drop it.

After a total of 27hrs I finally finished it and it was ready to deliver to the party. Thankfully it wasn’t dropped, thankfully it tasted good, thankfully the birthday girl loved it … even though she is a Chelsea supporter and the cake looks rather West Ham-ish.

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