The Book I Never Thought I’d Buy

Here’s a book I never thought I’d buy. But I’ve been given the great honour of standing beside my brother next year as his Best (Wo)Man. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m utterly shitting myself, but it’s amazing honour… I’m going to cry like a baby, but it’s a honour … there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll throw up, but it’s a great honour. 

I thought, as Best Man, all I had to do was rings, speech, dance with the maid of honour ~ *BOOM*, done! … apparently not ~ there’s loads loads more, loads more. Collect this, return that, sort the stag do, buttonholes, wash car, look after presents, decorate  leaving car, Do Not Lose Rings!! And that’s just the beginning. 

As soon as he asked me I started writing the speech. Not because I wanted to, but because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop it rolling around in my head. Only c.18m to worry about the speech and everything. 

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