The Most Wrong but Most Right Breakfast 

Another weekend and I find myself in the same place for breakfast, lunch, of whatever you want to call it at 1.30am on a Saturday, Banners in Crouch End ~ it seems I have a routine now which inevitably involves a trip here at least once a weekend. 

I normally order one of about five things ~ I know they’re good, don’t stray, you may regret it. Today on the specials board was a choice that made me say “what the hell??”

“Eggs, spaghetti hoops, cheese toastie, bacon and sausage”

Sorry, say what?? 

Despite its madness I kept returning to it as an option … noo, it’s mad … gah, yes. But no matter how often I strayed away from it, like a magnet I was drawn back … and a yes it became.

And it was happiness on a plate, despite it looking like a confused lunch of a teenager. Crazy, but delicious. 

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