A Somewhat Belated New Year

As I’m winging my way home on the tube with the biggest most inane grin on my face it suddenly dawns on me what this year is about ~ fun, friends, laughs, love, music, dancing and smiles ~ it doesn’t have to be more than that, more profound than that ~ it just has to be awesome for all those reasons. It’s what my life has been about for the last few years and do you know what? That’s ok. In fact it’s more than ok. it’s brilliant! 

There’s no need for it to be more profound than that. There’s no need to try to hunt down the hidden holy grail, or “life, the universe and everything”, why make it any more complicated than it is, why make it more complicated than the things you love? why? 

We all have obligations, aspirations, objectives, but really what is life? It’s enjoyment. It’s loving everything you do, loving the here and now, not despite everything that has gone before it, but because of what’s gone before ~ you are the sum of the parts and that’s ok, it’s more than ok ~ because right here, right now is a bloody brilliant place to be. And without everything that’s gone before you would not be the person you are today. 

I’ve struggled with the focus for 2015 for the last three months, feeling there must be a purpose, an outcome, something tangible, something I can touch and point to at the end of the year. I felt it had to be memorable, worthy in someway of existing, or me passing through its timeline. 

The reality is that I, Verity, am the person in the middle of the dancefloor, arms aloft, singing and dancing with the biggest smile on my face. That’s me, that’s the life I love. That with the best people around me, the people I love, my friends. 

I know I work hard, I have a stupidly insane work ethic and that will always continue, but at the end of my life, when I slam sideways into my grave, probably 10yrs ahead of everyone else I want everyone to say, and for me to know, that I bloody enjoyed every damn second of my life. 

So 2015 bring it on ~ it may be three months late, but without reflection how are we to know what life is about? As I said before “because of what came before..” without three months of indecision would I have had clarity? Nah, not remotely!

It’s so trendy nowadays to be miserable l, but why ? Why can’t we dance down the street with a beaming grin on our face enjoying the minutia of life? … other than looking like a complete loon-bag? Why is happiness to de-regur? You’re allowed to be happy. 

So I guess this is Happy New Year, if somewhat belatedly. 

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