A Disconnected Day

In my rush to get out of the flat this morning I left my phone at home. I was less than 50m from home when I realised, but going back would mean missing the train. Or would it? I’d never know whether it was running late without my phone … and so began a day without my phone, a disconnected day.

I didn’t realise how much I rely on my phone: checking train times and routes; knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and when; contacting and be contacted; checking emails; reading my book; calling; finding where I’m going; writing down lists of the things that pop up in my head all the time; googling random facts; playing games, taking pictures; and blogging amongst other things every day.

It turns out I’m a slave to my phone, I never thought I was, but I am, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Are our minds so overstimulated by the constant feed of information, but at the same time so dulled because we don’t have to remember a single fact or titbit? If there was no Google what would we do?

There was a point in my life when I used to remember telephone numbers and strings of numbers ~ memorised in batches of three of four with a lyrical lilt or cadance. Now I know 5 telephone numbers, of which 2 are mine and one is my ex-husband’s mobile… so essentially two; that and my bank account number. That’s it. All other numbers erased by time and spongiform of grey matter.

Are our intelligent devices making us thick?

An impromptu drink turned into a logistical nightmare – he didn’t know what time he’d be able to leave the networking event he was at [how thoroughly 21st Century], so I stayed at work until I got the green light to go-go-go. Endlessly waiting ~ I couldn’t go to the pub because I’d never know when he was due to arrive ~ 10mins or An Hour And Twenty Minutes!!!! I digress..

As soon as I got home twitchy from separation, I pounced on my phone like a long lost lover, flicking through text, whatsapp and all other communicades.

Home + phone in hand = stress twitching gone

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