Heavenly Meats and Stinky Cheeses

As my friend opens my fridge she is greeted with a smell that could only be described as “fug” ~ “Jesus Verity, has something died in here?!” … “Erm, no”.

I think she can tell from my slightly non committal answer that I’m not entirely convinced myself ~ it does smell akin to 7-day old roadkill skunk during a prolonged heatwave. Awful.

“Are you sure?!” … “It’s the cheese” ~ tbh I’m still not 100% convinced myself even though I emptied the fridge out a day before and I know one of the cheese was described as stinky ~ she seems to accept it.

As it turns out, I’m right it is the cheese, it’s an Epoisses and it stinks to high heaven – there are tiny perforations in the wrapper I’m guessing to stop it from sweating, so the air-de-fug slowly and silently permeates absolutely everything in the fridge.

However it made a great cornerstone to my meat and cheese board for my lunch the next day… a self-indulgent little Bank Holiday treat.

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