To Tactical Vote or Not?

In a very marginal seat, the question of how to vote lingers like a proverbial elephant in the room.

–  Vote in line with my principles and the only change you’ll make is enabling the wrong party, in your mind, to run the country; OR

–  Vote tactically, against all your principles, stopping the seat flipping to the wrong Party and hope that it gives the right overall result.

For the last few weeks that’s been my dilemma ~ pondering this quandary has consumed me over the last couple of days, as have the words of the vile Lynne Featherstone, the LibDem incumbent who has done very little for the borough for the last god-knows-how-many-years and the person I’ll have to vote for if I’m going to vote tactically … “a vote for anyone else” …

Betray my principles for the greater good? Gah!!

And so today arrived and I’ve not made a decision. With my voting card in hand I walk the short walk to the Polling Station still unsure. I’ve not felt pressure like this before in terms of voting – the outcome has always been relatively certain. Not this time, not this time at all.

Standing in the booth, slip and pencil in hand, and involuntary sigh comes out of my mouth as I’m staring at the top box, Lynne Featherstone, and unfortunately i know what I have to do.

“Lynne Featherstone:  X”

She deserves it not, and it made me a bit retchy to do it, but at least I tried to create the right overall result. Right?

Now for the wait.

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