No-one Saw That Coming 

As voting closed and the exit polls were announced, everyone knew something was wrong ~ no-one knew what, but either the opinion polls or exit polls were very wrong.

  • Conservative: 316
  • Labour: 239
  • LibDems: 10
  • SNP: 58
  • UKIP: 2

… a strong Conservative lead, but not the majority required.

Paddy Ashdown declared he’d eat his hat publicly on TV if the exit polls were right; everyone from each party warned of caution, in case the exit polls were wrong ~ but the exit polls have been bang on the last two elections.

I sat shell-shocked. Everyone was shell-shocked. No-one thought it was right, but as result-after-result came in, it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t the mistake everyone thought it was, it was an underestimation.

Morning brought the news absolutely no-one expected:

  • The LibDems were annihilated from 57 to 8 seats ~ 300+ candidates lost their deposits.
  • The SNP almost entirely removed Labour from Scotland. And labour didn’t fair much better in England either.
  • Conservative ended up with a clear majority of 331 seats

Many big names had lost their seats; Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage all resigned. And we were all still saying “What the Hell?!”

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