This is Not the Quickstep

This is Not the Quickstep… but it should be. After my lesson from hell on Tuesday I’m back at my private lesson trying to sort this shit out.

I’ve been looking for patterns between SQQS where no such patterns exist … which is helpful. “Just don’t think and follow” said my teacher, that didn’t work either … apparently that’s another thing a struggle with.

I’m still learning how to read the signs through my hands and my back ~ I’m much better at Waltz, Rhumba and to some degree Jive, but not quickstep, I’m not remotely there yet … I did end up having “Promenade” shouted in my face in Foxtrot … I don’t like Foxtrot.

I’m sure I’ll get there I’m time, well I hope anyway. But for now I have my note book with a jumble of steps which don’t reflect the sequence we’re learning.

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