Places What I’ve Been, or Mainly Where I Haven’t


A few months ago I had a conversation with a couple of friends about how many countries we’d all visited and that there was some random fact that you should have visited at least the same number as your age. We did a count up at the time and if you don’t count a very brief stop-over in Singapore to change planes, then I’ve amassed a massive 18 countries … Which Is Rubbish!

It’s been playing on my mind a bit – there’s a whole lot of this world I haven’t even stepped my toe into, let alone explored in detail. My planned holidays this year were all to countries I’d been to before (France, Portugal and the US), but now I want to add a new country or two to the list – but where?

Sweden and Denmark seem easy targets to tick off, and they’re places that I’ve wanted to go for a while. I’ve always wanted to go to Jordan and Peru but you can’t trek all the way to South America and only do one country – that needs more thought and greater planning.

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