Beachy Head

First port of call today is Beachy Head ~ it’s obviously infamous for suicide’s, but until yesterday, when the wedding bus took us on the scenic route back to my friend’s house, I didn’t realise how beautiful it was too. So today I thought I’d go and explore and walk along the cliffs, but being mindful of what one wedding guest said “each year we lose a few tourists – they try to crawl to the edge to look down and the cliff face just falls away” … ja-ee-sus!

Before I even pull into the car park I’m not going to lie to you I’m stunned by a permanent sign erected by the Samaritans, urging people to call day or night. It’s chilling.

It’s such a beautiful day and I’m walking the cliff-tops alongside some German teenagers who are dicking about too close to the edge ~ those words “we lose a few tourists every year” are going over in my head. I so don’t need to see someone die.

And then we came across these little crosses. This lone wooden one amongst the long grass is for a 10yr old boy. So very sad.

And then there’s a cluster of crosses. And then the German teenagers stop in their tracks. I don’t understand German very well but I did understand the question “are those graves?” over and over again … and then they moved away from the edge. So many crosses in one place.

Despite the obvious sadness of the area, Beachy Head is beautiful.

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