Pumpkin Spiced Latte Dreams

 It is almost a year ago to the day that I tasted the most sickenly sweet heavenly thing ever ~ a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, with my now soon to be sister-in-law I the States. It was utterly delicious, but there again at a mere 550 cals, was it going to be any thing other than delicious … by mere, I mean, holy fucking hell ~ I still remember looking up at the menu at the cals for the large version I was holding onto and thinking Holy Fucking Hell. I didn’t think I’d manage to have another one until I returned State-side, but just as the autumn was finishing last year, I noticed that Starbucks n London had them too … probably everywhere to be fair, but I just hadn’t noticed them ~ but I’d missed the opportunity… but this year I didn’t ~ this year I noticed as soon as they went up on the menu – this year I walked straight in there and ordered a medium skinny one … hell I just couldn’t stick 500+ cals into my body via one drink !

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