A Time For Reflection

I live a charmed life. I know this. I wasn’t born to it, or given it, I have worked hard, don’t get me wrong, but I’m lucky, I know this to be true.

I’m sat on a plane heading back from Barcelona – I’m home for a week before jetting off to Argentina and Brazil for nearly two weeks. Apart from getting everything sorted for the trip, in the time I’m home I’ll go ballroom dancing (the revelation of 2015), twice; go to a comedy club with friends; go out for dinner; go to my Aunt’s 70th birthday black tie do and have a briefing with my new CEO.

It’s busy, but I like it that way.

But as I’m sat on the plane writing postcards, yes those retro things, I come to a block, a halt when writing my sister’s. I want to write “I wish you were here with me” and “God you have to come” but I can’t, because she can’t.

She has MS.

MS is a cruel beast and it is this cruel beast that … and I can’t allow myself to think of what her future is, I can’t write it without crying.

I want her to get better so we can see the world together, but I know she won’t. It breaks my heart.

Sometimes you have to reflect on the life you have, right here and now. I’m not in a relationship, nor do I have children, but these are small things in comparison. Yeah I have epilepsy, but even in that regard I’m lucky ~ I haven’t had a seizure longer than some adults have been alive.

Live life now, because you never know when it’ll change and it could change in an instance.

I love you sis x

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