Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall

IMG_4541I literally can’t tell you how excited I am ~ I’ve been watching the Ballroom World Championships at the Royal Albert Hall with my friend and fellow dancer Gon for hours  It’s been brilliant, awe inspiring and also slightly depressing knowing that you’ll never dance anywhere close to level these guys do ~ it’s interval time and the words “it’s your turn now” are uttered.

Gon and I look at each other, scream, then literally (yes not literally, figuratively, but meh) fly down the stairs from the rafters* (*cheap seats) to the ballroom, overtaking as many people as possible. We’re like kids let out for playtime – we couldn’t be happier! We are giddy.

We throw our coats and bags on the floor, uncaring whether they get stolen or not ~ we’re going to dance At The Royal Albert Hall !!!

A friend happened to take a picture of us ~ if you imagine the dancefloor as a clockface, we are at the 6 o’clock position – I’m wearing a pink and black dress, he’s wearing a white shirt … and we are Waltzing At the Royal Fucking Albert Hall!!  We literally (and I do mean literally this time) couldn’t stop looking up at the ceiling saying “wow”.  Amazing times.

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