My South American Adventure: … and so it begins

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m sat on the plane at Heathrow Terminal 5 wondering a) what the hell have I done and b) is it too late to scarper? But the plane’s reversing now so I guess changing my mind is technically not an option.

I’ve been looking for a job since early summer and it’s been my intention all along to have a holiday before starting the new one. At some point Argentina and Brazil popped into my head and it never quite left it. And so when I was offered a new job the hunt started for a group trip to South America that fitted within all the restrictive timeframes… well I couldn’t miss the Rivoli could I?

Lo and behold there was one with G-Adventures, albeit shorter than I really wanted and it started the day after a really important family event. I booked it immediately regardless and then slowly with every horror story of necklaces being ripped off people’s necks; muggings and theft cases, I began to regret it, and regret it a lot.

There again I was issued similar warnings about Barcelona and that turned out fine, more than fine actually, it was amazing. So maybe I won’t actually be abducted by drug-lords. Not a true concern… might be a little..!

I’ve bought nearly all of the recommended kit, which has left very little of the 15kg weight restriction for clothes. My suitcase is just over 13kg … my day pack is erm another 4kg, I’m hoping it’s only hold luggage that counts towards the 15kg for internal flights. Guess we’ll find out, right?

And so I’m off, hurtling towards Buenos Aires … well when I say hurtling I mean slowly getting there, via Madrid ~ it’s going to take 19hrs in total. Another of my concerns ~ 19hrs in a cramped space, am I going to insane? How do you actually cope??

The stress levels are decreasing thankfully, but there’s still 17 more hours to go.

… here we go, the biggest adventure of my lifetime so far.

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