Grand Central Station

DSC_1834I have no idea why but I’ve always wanted to go to Grand Central Station.  It’s one of those places that features in so many films, mainly romantic films where someone is chasing after the one they love who’s about to leave forever. I see no-one rushing after lovers, nor am I, alas.

The architecture, especially inside is incredible from the old ticket offices, the spectacular arches; celestial roof to the beautifully ornate clock.  It is opulent right up to the point you actually go down one of the arches to the platforms … then it’s just hideous, like not in the movies, not good movies anyway, or romantic movies, just movies where you get murdered and left for dead, undiscovered with rats feasting on your body for years … we retreated off the platform very quickly, narrowly missing being hit by someone in a fast moving mobility scooter!  It baffles me why the US doesn’t have a more developed train system.

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