Light Ale, Dark Ale, Those Are Your Choices

Before going to see the Blue Man Group, and courtesy of a mandatory trip advisor search, we find our way to McSorley’s, the oldest tavern in the U.S.

It’s relatively dark, there’s sawdust on the floor and old old pictures and news clippings on the wall. Trip advisor tells us that nothing has been removed from the walls since 1910 and its only since the 1970s that women have been allowed in. This is an old old pub.

Above the bar are a series of wishbones put there by men as good luck charms before heading off to fight in world war 1. They collected their wishbones when they came home safely ~ the only ones remaining belong to those who died in battle. There are too many remaining. Sad and poignant.

They only serve two types of ale, light or dark, those are your choices and which ever you choose you get delivered two small glass tankards of it.


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