Ground Zero

DSC_1983The final stop in New York is Ground Zero. We brave the tube to get there heading for the World Trade Centre stop. I ponder the retention of the name for a while, wondering if it’s odd or not ~ never forget, it’s perfect it’s right.

As soon as we get out of the tube a guy starts talking to us about some facts we may not know about that horrific day in 2001:

  • seven buildings came down that day, not just two;
  • the world trade centre was twice the height of the millenium hilton hotel next to ground zero – looking up at the hotel it’s almost impossible to imagine, because it itself is massive;
  • once a year, on 9/11, two shards of light are beamed into the sky to commemorate the dead … my skin goose bumped at this point
  • The new entrance to the tube is in the shape of the wings of a dove … it’s beautiful.

Considering how many people are walking around and queuing to get in, it’s remarkably quiet. People are sombrely respectful ~ it’s hard not to be when the names of the dead are there, etched in the memorial, nearly 3,000 people needlessly died. I don’t need pictures to remind me of that day, it’s etched in my mind.

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