The Long Slow Snowy Drive to Boston

I can’t believe that the last nine days have gone by so fast and I’m already on my way home again, it seems ludicrous ~ I demand a recount! But yet there we are, it’s a true fact, it’s the end of my holiday. I woke this morning to a message from my brother in the other room to say it was snowing. A more accurate statement would have been, “it’s been snowing all night”.

We end up setting off on the 150mile journey to Boston later than Andy wanted to, at close to 11am and pit stop at dunkin doughnuts for coffee. The roads are covered in snow and the snow ploughs clearly haven’t been out yet. Almost immediately we see a car facing the wrong way in a ditch ~ we’re doing a dizzying 45mph – this is going to be a long stressful journey and there’s already talk of not making the flight at 5.55pm.

As we slowly creep South the roads get worse, not better ~ we were all under the illusion that the weather South of my brother was better, but at 21°F it’s freezing.  A car in front of us in the outside lane fish tales and careers across all three lanes in front of a lorry and into the side barrier. He looks ok. No-one stops. Apparently it’s a thing. Not very British me thinks – leave him stranded in freezing conditions…!

As we get closer to Boston the roads look clearer, but not enough to stop another car hitting the central reservation ~ it’s carnage out there, but we’re making good enough time. It looks like I’ll make my flight.

In fact I make it to the airport ahead of check-in starting.

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