Dancing, Fans and the Rivoli

IMG_5995It’s the first Rivoli of the year – it seems like ages ago since I last danced … well apart from this morning where I had a dazed jet-lagged infused dance lesson, where I couldn’t understand what my teacher was saying … heard words, couldn’t comprehend any of them..! There was a bit of imbalance, tottering and a couple of thighs into my pelvic bone … dancing is brutal, in more ways than you can imagine!

One massive post-lesson coffee later and I’m starting to feel *nearly* human and looking forward to returning to the Rivoli. Armed with obligatory fan and dance shoes, it’s 7.30pm and it’s time for 4hrs+ of endless dancing… hence the need for those fans.

… and just what we needed after four hours of dancing was a high-speed spirited walk / trott to get the last train home from Brockley, or endure a 2hr double bus journey home… ruuuun!!


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