Best Looking Klub

I never really know what to order when someone else is buying me lunch – what’s the etiquette at a business lunch, is it different if it’s a recruiter to an investor?  Can you snarf on a burger, or do you have to order more refined food?  Can you order what you want, or do you have to look at the cheaper options?  What are the rules?? 

Maybe I have too many morals … some would question that… they would be rude… historically I sit there eyeing the prices and evaluating the choices based on the cost primarily ~ maybe it’s because I’m an accountant and cost management runs through my core, which is utterly depressing!  When I do, I always end up with a plate of food that just makes me miserable.

Today I changed tack and ordered exactly what the payer ordered, and boom, this delicous “Mighty Kupp Klub” turned up ~ messy as hell to eat, but delicious ~ I like a bit of avocado and runny-yolk egg!  In. My. Face!

Restaurant: Kupp

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