The Funniest Text I Ever Wrote (In. My. Head)


I have somewhat forced my sister into making me a scarf, *apparently* not an easy one, she keeps moaning about how hard it is… I think she’s secretly loving it, (might not be). IMG_6099I *might* have politely asked her, on Facebook, to make me one (then others did too… *cough*) ~ it may look rude to the uninitiated, or demanding, but, erm a loving request, I say …

To be honest I never expected her to do it ~ there were hidden messages that she wasn’t keen, especially when I asked for a  stripy one…

… but she started it and wa-hey, it’s coming along nicely, or is that frustratingly?

I still think she’s enjoying the whole process.  I asked her today how it was going?  She said she’d thrown it in the bin!! I have no idea how many crying faces I sent her, I kept copying and pasting blocks of them.  When I scrolled through them after I sent them, I creased over laughing at my desk ~ it tickled me, probably a bit more than it should have done, but hey.

She’s now had to buy extra long needles as it’s up to 320 stitches wide (at the minute), and will reach 390 stitches at it’s max… she’s definitely loving it and I’m sure she’d love to make everyone else one too! [this may not be true]

I’ve got a new project for her after this, she’s going to *love* crocheting me a circular rug with her hands, absolutely LOVE it!! Pattern [here], Jo … muhahahaha!!


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