One Month, Three Legends Gone 

January, and 2016, had barely begun before we woke to the terrible news that David Bowie had died aged 69 from cancer. Stunned. Shocked and stunned.

Nigh on a week later Alan Rickman departs this mortal coil, aged 69 from cancer. Utterly shocked. What the hell in fact.

Today I woke to hear that a third legend and a personal hero of mine had died. Terry Wogan. Aged 77, from cancer.

Sadness overwhelming.

Wogan was a constant throughout my life. I remember him being the voice on the radio when I was off school sick as a young child. Every morning, through Uni he woke me up and through my adult years. Eurovision was more about Terry than anything else, and Children in Need was eponymously him… Blankety Blank *sigh* hilarious with his long stick microphone. He was always there, throughout my life. Always there.

The Janet and John stories he read out on Wake Up To Wogan, made me wheeze and cry with laughter, filled with euphemism and innuendo. [link], [link], [link] [link], [link]. And when it came time for his final show in December 2009, there was no way I was leaving for work before he signed off for the very last time. I sat on the edge of my bed crying like a baby. [link]

Terry Wogan you absolute legend.


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