The Tower of London

I’ve been in London 23yrs now and in all those years I’ve never actually been inside the Tower of London ~ I *stumbled* across it on a lunch time walk while the poppies were in the moat, but ever in or around it.

My niece is a massive history nut, so nearly everything we’re doing while she’s down is history based. It’s half term, there are kids everywhere, ev-er-y-where!

The Beefeater who is giving us a guided tour is brilliant, telling us about this beheading and that beheading and various forms of torture. We see the Crown Jewels and play a fun little game called “Punish or Pardon” in which we act like a vigilante mob shouting our verdict on recreations of real trials that happened in the reign of King Henry VIII.

… there was this suit of armour, that for some reason caught everyone’s eye…!


We had thought that we would spend just a couple of hours there, but we were still there as it was closing and no time to go to our planned second stop, Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms. Just about enough time to have a much needed warming hot chocolate, before a very rushed dinner before going to see Wicked.

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