Shakespeare’s Globe

img_0229The Globe is one of those iconic buildings what stands out as being out of place as you cross over the Millenium Bridge ~ and it may not be the original building, but purely from an external perspective alone, it’s magnificent.

It was another building that I’d never been in before and yet another building that we nearly didn’t get to see while my niece and sister were down, because we thought it was closed ~ which is was in terms of performances, but not in terms of tours.

Our guide was fantastic and brought the theatre, the construction; the theatre goers alive. Even though it’s a modern recreation of a historical building all the building methods are in keeping with the original ~ wooden pins to keep the frame together. Then there’s the whole history of Shakespeare himself, his plays and performances, but also phrases still in use today which are as a result of his writing – truly fascinating.

We thought that we would spend only a couple of hours looking around the Globe, but we spent most of the day there, with only enough time and energy to go on the [very expensive] London Eye afterwards. The Globe is definitely worth a visit and I do now want to watch a play here … just in summer and certainly not a standing ticket !

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