A Crazy Week of Dancing

 The Rivoli … c/o the lovely John

It’s been the craziest week for dancing this week, culminating at the magnificent Rivoli Ballroom … but that was Saturday and that was the end of 1,000 active minutes [fitbit term]. So back to the beginning, back to Monday.

The week began learning foxtrot ~ slow foxtrot that is, not social foxtrot, I dislike social foxtrot with a passion. Slow foxtrot is one of the dances that has eluded me and frustrates me that I can’t do it. There are always loads of them at socials, or so it seems, and I’m always sat looking on in awe as couples swoop and sway their way around the dancefloor. Or I bag someone brave enough to wheel me around while shouting slow-slow-quick-quick-slow In. My. Face. Hopefully at the end of this four week course that will no longer be needed. Elegant I am not, not yet.

And so came Tuesday and another private lesson in preparation for my Latin silver medal in three weeks’ time *hyperventilates*. Today we had to rework a lot of the samba routine ~ which has added to the panic … but it’ll be fine, right? … and just because this week isn’t quite busy enough, it’s off to Distraction Club straight after!

Wednesday was a day off and my feet were thankful for it.

Then came Thursday and the chance to finally learn Tango! In the year or so I’ve been dancing, there was never a tango workshop I could go to. With the LGBT workshops opened up to those respecting of the format it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. And it was great, but by god above the positioning is tough on the body ~ muscles aching, like I can’t tell you, every muscle ~ which made me hold my breath… which helped… didn’t…

Friday – and as heralded by my friend and fellow dancer, Gon … “It’s Paso Doble Day!!” Once a month our amazing dance teacher holds a masterclass ~ we’ve been excited about this one for a month now ~ another dance rarely taught. It’s the busiest masterclass I’ve been to and we’re all channelling our inner matador … Ole!! By the end of it we have got enough under our belt to get to the second “Highlight” as it’s called *apparently*. We’re all set to test it out on the dancefloor tomorrow at the Rivoli… and there’s a video to boot, lest we forget!!

And so to Saturday – and just in case I haven’t done enough dancing so far this week, today is a double-whammy-dance fest.  Another private lesson at 12pm, which after the post-paso-pub-session was hard ~ I’d shelved the 10am zumba class as a seriously bad idea, and then to the Rivoli from 7.30pm to finish off a monumental week.

The Rivoli is both brilliant and brutal at the same time ~ the dance floor is beautiful but crowded – being back heeled and back heeling someone is a very real risk. I got kicked and back heeled four times and also distressingly back-heeled someone also.

We all jumped excitedly for joy when a Paso was announced and assumed the starting position expectantly … and then killed it, literally killed it, not in a good way – we’ll get it next time tho … Ole!!

And so endeth the crazy 1,000 hour dance crazy week. It’s been great, but I’m grateful for Sunday and a rest day … except maybe I’ll do some medal practice. Back to Foxtrot tomorow.

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