March Singalong

I thought long and hard before going to Singalong tonight but I figured I could sit down for most of it while doing the door and if it got too much I could always get a bus home, but I survived the night by sitting at the door drinking a pint of water … so very very different to every other singalong.

I managed one song [shaking] and hung on to Heather for most of it, but it was good to be out and about amongst good friends and singalong regulars, who raised my spirits loads.

Martin a rather magnificent photographer took lots of great photo’s of the evening, of which this is one of them.

On the way home a rather odd thing happened.  A man in a car swerved across from the other side of the road and pulled in front of me, blocking my path, wound down his window and said

“don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you” … excellent, glad to hear this, even though your car is now blocking my path.

“but I saw you fro across the road and had to tell you that you looked finer than Kim Kardashian” … oh you mean, has a massive bum, oh “thanks” … I think, as I walk around his car

“do you have a minute?” as he winds down his other window, I’d like to get to know you” … no, no I don’t, definitely don’t.

“do you have a boyfriend?” … yes, yes I do [I don’t] … “tell him he’s a lucky man!” … I will, when I find him!

There are some very strange people out there!





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