Wine Bottle Labels … Saaaay Whaaaat???!!!

 I’m sat with Laurence enjoying a well earned drink (or three) after our dance exams and all of a sudden I notice, after being in the restaurant for hours, the label of a wine bottle on the display ~ there’s a sketch of a woman with her hand in her pants. In. Her. Pants. We’re both like “say whaaat??!?!”

I’m trying to take a picture from the bar area where we’re sitting when the the woman behind the bar clearly knows what I’m trying to do and brings me the bottle for a closer look. And then she brings me two other weirdly designed bottles. At some point someone sat down and designed these labels. And at some point after that someone signed-off these labels as a good idea.

Happy wine drinking you busty-lusty, pant-fiddling, wine-bottle-humping people!

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