Samba Masterclass

Samba Masterclass Students with Mariusz (front and centre) c/o Mariusz

I’ve been looking forward to this, the second samba masterclass since it was announced a few weeks ago.  Since the first one, I’ve clocked up many hours practicing samba for my Silver Latin Medal exam and it didn’t disappoint ~ lots of wiggles, whisks and rolls, with some of the best people around.  Three hours of brilliant fun.  The following images are pretty poor quality stills from videos take after the class.

It’s become a tradition to go to the pub after the masterclass ~ tonight I ended up in the pub with John, John, Jon, Gon and Tom ~ the rhyming nature of their names, amused me waaay more than it should.  I love these guys.  Looking forward to the next masterclass, what ever that may be.


The video’s can be found here: with Gon, M1, M2

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