Recuperating in the Country

img_6850Since having my hysterectomy two weeks ago today I’ve been on a do-nothing, rest only and recouperate regime ~ it’s included countless episodes of Frasier, Big Bang Theory and Charmed. I even got a pointless answer in the the final of indeed Pointless on Monday ~ you may well gasp in awe!

It was all going swimmingly until Saturday when my wound started leaking blood, lots of fucking blood … all over the place. I can’t quite look back on it with black humour yet, but give it a few more weeks and maybe I (and the poor souls who witnessed it) can forget the trauma, but that’s a whole different story [here].

Excitingly my dad (who came down yesterday to help look after me) and I are having a road trip ~ by road trip, I mean a 10mile journey to Woburn for lunch, a short walk (10 minutes) and a 10 mile trip back, through the deer park. It’s so nice to have the sun on my skin for the first time in ages.

… look deer

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