Kitchen Refurb

6e34dcf9-815d-4bf3-868c-7d8ca6dcf661After years, and I really do mean years* (*five), of procrastination I’ve finally done the kitchen refurb. 

There were always obstacles in the way of doing it – mainly that I would have to move out in order to do it; or deal with the mess; or dealing with the logical order of the other bits of the refurb ~ the doorway to kitchen would have to be moved; and then there was the hardest bit, getting a builder to actually put a quote in that wasn’t astronomical.  There was always a reason not to do it, despite actually putting down a deposit over 4yrs ago.

I went to the US for my brother’s wedding for three weeks – what better time to have that and the flat rewire done?  It was due to be complete before I came back.. it wasn’t, but it nearly was.  Based on the mess I had to deal with when I came back I’m glad I wasn’t around while they were working ~ I would have properly had a meltdown aka Lost My Shit, but thankfully for everyone involved I wasn’t.

The difference is massive, I love it!  I’ve build across the window, extending the worktops.  My tap and wine fridge are just ridiculous and I Love Them! I have a corner unit slidey-out thing that bring me far more joy than it really should. And even more pleasing than anything else, I have a freezer for the first time since moving into the flat … I can’t wait to fill it.  Unfortunately all the meals I made pre-surgery were destroyed when the electrician turned off the electricity for 3 days while he did the rewire … I refer you back to Lost My Shit!

I have now moved into a ridiculous state where I can’t cook anything in the oven, because I want the first thing I cook to be impressive, something monumental… not just warming a quiche … I have a quiche in the fridge staring at me wondering when it’s their time to be cooked and eaten.  I fear it wont.

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