Impromptu Night at the Ballet

img_8795A crazy thought comes to mind as I’m finishing up my walk along the Thames from St Paul’s, along the South Bank up through Trafalgar Square (clearly not Pokémon hunting … might have been..) “I wonder what’s on at the Opera?”

There are crowds outside the ENO as I’m wandering up, so I wander in and ask if there are any tickets for tonight.  It had been sold out, but there are a few returns apparently ~ being ridiculous, I decide on the most expensive ticket, hand over my card and then say “what am I seeing?”.  There were two show’s advertised on the door – either would have been great, however it turns out that tonight is the opening night of The Nutcracker and Press Night at that.

I saw the Nutcracker a good 10 years ago, the stage was lavishly decorated during the toy-room scene in that production – not in this production, it was quite simplistic and I don’t think for the better – it lacked a certain magical element. It was marginally underwhelming in places and breath taking in others ~ spine tinglingly so in parts of the single dances. Still excellent though.

What I love about London, is that you can wander in off the street, wearing whatever you like, attend the ballet, or the opera and not feel out of place… very not like how I felt when I went to the opera in Dubai.


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