Test Cake I

I’m making my friend’s wedding cake in a couple of week and they want it to be a chocolate cake.  First off, I’ve never made a wedding cake before, so that’s not pressured at all; second-off I never make chocolate cake, because generally I don’t like it; and third-off [if indeed that is even a term] I’ve not baked a cake in my new oven, so I have literally no idea which setting to use or how well it bakes … all in all no pressure at all!!  As a result I’m having to hunt down and test different chocolate cake recipes, just to make sure it’s right … this cake was not right, not remotely nice at all.

I‘d looked on the BBC recipe website, usually a good source of quality recipes, and come up with a chocolate brownie cake – it sounded nice, it sounded moist – it had lots of melted chocolate in it.  It was as dry as a bone.  I cut one slice and ate about half of it … and threw the rest away.  This is definitely not the recipe that I’m going to use for the wedding cake ~ I’m so glad that I tested the recipe, cause it was horrid. … the search continues

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