Bone Density Scan

Having gone into premature menopause despite keeping my ovaries when I had the hysterectomy last year, was a blow I have to say. My FSH levels were sky high at 75 in September (normal 10-15, signs of menopause c.30) and not much lower when they rechecked them in December at 68.

On hearing the news my reaction was “Can ovaries get ill? Can they recover? – my consultant looked at me as though I was a lunatic and said “no” and then followed that up with “we should start you on HRT”.  Without even thinking about it twice I said “I don’t want HRT” – I think that was more as a reaction to “I refuse to be in menopause… This Can’t Happen! Make. It. Better!!” rather than any reaction to pumping my body full of hormones – but then as time went by that was my reaction. My consultant thought differently because there are “bone density issues to think about” .. my GP thought very differently given the increased risk of Stroke, certain Cancers, DVT and heart failure, in fact he was furious that my consultant had suggested HRT without explaining any of the risks. He thought given my weight and activity levels, the risk of having bone density issues would be minimal, but just in case he sent me for a bone density scan ~ which is where I was today.

I still have to take the results back to my GP for him to explain what they mean, but they look ok to me, based on where the results are plotted on the graph (not shown) and it says “normal” with no increased risk of fracture, so that’s good!

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