My First Wedding Cake ~ The Big Cake Build

Well it’s finally finished and boxed up ready to go to the wedding tomorrow. I go through periods of really quite liking it, to really not liking it at all. Part of me think it’s a bit mummsy, the other part of me thinks it’s beautiful.

It’s my first wedding cake and only fifth formal cake ~ so no pressure at all. Although it was for two good friends, so they’re more forgiving of any mistakes and imperfections… of which there were a good few.

All in all I think I spent about 40hrs on it, mainly on making the flowers and leaves out of sugarpaste – cutting, forming, putting centres in, wiring, painting and finally florist-taping them together. I made about 75 flowers; another 30 or so buds; and about 25 leaves ~ there were quite a few I didn’t use.

The Big-Build started on Thursday evening with the bottom layer, as it easily lasts in a good state for 4 days … if it doesn’t get eaten. I’d done three test cakes, so was pretty happy with the recipes. Friday started a bit later than I wanted at 9am, it’d been a long week of late nights (mornings) creating batches of flowers. By 7pm the cakes were all made; had two coats of frosting; were iced and stacked. I didn’t work at a frenzied pace ~ I figured I was comfortable on time.

Next came creating small bunches or strings of flowers, buds and leaves – I didn’t think it was possible to create one long train of flowers which would be draped from top to bottom ~ I was right, just spinning and taping small bunches together was hard enough.

I spent ages trying to figure out where to puncture the icing first … and also feeling pretty nervous about doing it. Thank god I accidentally happened across flower pics – they were a godsend – the little hollowed out dowel-esq tubes stopped the icing getting ripped and also because they were considerably wider than the wire, they anchored themselves in the side of the cake and didn’t move. Without them it would have been a disaster as the flowers are pretty heavy.

Somewhere around midnight, I transferred the [really bloody heavy] cake to it’s box and prayed it didn’t slump overnight.  I had so many flowers left over, I made a little bouquet with some of them … and ate the rest …!

Despite it getting a bit damaged in transit (a whole different traumatic story) the Bride and Groom really loved the cake ~ and it tasted delicious also ! … so Phew All Round!


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