Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

My social life seems to have gone a bit crazy again with nights having to be double-stacked. Last night was a quick drink with a friend followed by a double dance class, tonight is a private dance lesson followed by the once-a-month Distraction Club. I always end up missing the first 40mins of DC, as I have to head back into Town from Westbourne Park – but I wont miss dance.

My private lessons can be a bit hit and miss, pretty much entirely down to my ability, or more precisely inability, to master a step, or sequence of steps. I’ve been struggling with the flow [actually, just the plain execution] of a spin-turn with reverse pivot into a double reverse turn in my Waltz Silver-Medal routine. It’s beautiful when you goes right … it so rarely does ~ but today I finally got it right albeit about 50% of the time.

We then spent a bit of time focussing on Tango, ending the lesson with some Rumba ~ a great way to spend an hour.

I missed probably only about half of the first act which was great.  The headline act Phil Pope was outstanding ~ he rounded a long tiring day just perfectly … dancing, friends, music and laughter, just a perfect combination.

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