Pokemon Go ~ Gen 2

I nearly lost my shit tonight, I’m not going to lie. I noticed in the taxi on the way home after a night out with a friend that there were unidentified shadows all over “Nearby” screen.

My poor poor taxi driver … I made him take three diversions (and pull over twice) to catch new Pokemon, while all the while squealing like an excited child! In the space of about half an hour I’d caught 9 new ones – with a few evolutions and a dash out the house again well after midnight to get another one, I finished on 14 new Pokemon from Gen 2.

… I suspect I might be Pokemon hunting this weekend *excited squeal* … I don’t think I can cope with the excitement!!!

[I can’t wait to talk to my nephew ~ he’s super excited aboutt it too!!]

The two trainer names you need to evolve Eevee to the new Gen 2 evolutions are Sakura for Espeon, Tamao for Umbreon.

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