30 Years of Being Seizure Free

Today is my 30th anniversary of being seizure free. It’s a strange and weirdly emotional thing to say.

Most years I let go by with barely a flicker of acknowledgment, but this year I thought I would mark the milestone and spend it with some amazing people.

If you’d told me at the age of 9, when I had my first seizure, that they’d be so well controlled in a few years, that life would almost be normal, I know I wouldn’t have believed you.

When the consultant told me and my mum, rather nonchelantly that I’d be on medication for the rest of my life, I was stunned, I cried so hard ~ the next, maybe 70 years, would be ruled by medication, with no guarantee of success ~ it felt like a life sentence, it felt like a miserable future. But it wasn’t, it isn’t.

I consider myself a “lucky epileptic” … if there can be such a thing. I got lucky with meds, they worked, despite some shonky side-effects. It took four years to get the balance right … by which I mean my dad force feeding me my medication ~ I refused, it was rank! There have been some hairy moments along the way, where I’ve had to get out a situation because I was at risk of having a seizure. But thankfully I didn’t and here I am 30 years later, clear and living and loving life.

Today has been a great day – I’ve been surrounded by some amazing friends. I’ve had a great dance lesson; went to watch a friend play in her orchestra; and then went out to dinner at Ceviche in Old Street.

It’s been a fabulous day, spent with fabulous people, doing fabulous things.

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