The Pirates of Penzance 

I booked last minute tickets to see The Pirates of Penzance at The Coliseum. As children we listened to the music over and over again ~ I’m not even sure why, or whether it was mum or dad who played it, but for whatever reasons, I know, and take delight (great delight) in reciting (tarantara tarantara) some of the lyrics, more the internations (‘ternations) of the lyrics (tarantara, tarantara) … If this is making no sense whatsoever then you’ve never heard any of the Pirates of Penzance ~ and I’m not going to lie, I think you’re life is somewhat poorer for it.

The opera, by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Ken Leigh, is a visually comedic masterpiece ~ I laughed so much during it, squeaking in places trying to suppress belly laughs. It was so so good.

I would say go and see it, but with only one matinee left, I doubt that’s possible.

Truly spectacular, tarantara, tarantara!

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