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My First Wedding Cake ~ The Big Cake Build

Well it’s finally finished and boxed up ready to go to the wedding tomorrow. I go through periods of really quite liking it, to really not liking it at all. Part of me think it’s a bit mummsy, the other part of me thinks it’s beautiful.

It’s my first wedding cake and only fifth formal cake ~ so no pressure at all. Continue reading My First Wedding Cake ~ The Big Cake Build

Fondant Flowers

This is a crazy new foray into cake decorating for me. I’m making my first wedding cake for two of my friends who are getting married this weekend. I’ve made a couple of birthday cakes before, but nothing that has this level of detail. And never wired fondant flowers!

The big bake and build is starting on Thursday evening, however making the flowers started on Saturday. It should have started last week but the supplies didn’t turn up until Saturday morning, so I’m now playing catch-up, so making these little babies is a little more stressful than it really needed to be. I’ve finished the leaves; the small dark purple flowers and buds; and need to wire these burgundy ones up. Then I need to do another three different coloured / varieties of flowers. I’m hoping I’ve got enough flowers, but also enough time to make them all. 

Despite the stress, it’s quite fun. The final thing I need to figure out is how to secure the flowers to the side of the cake…

Test Cake II… Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting

I’m so grateful to my friend Ed for recommending this recipe to me, if it wasn’t for him, my search for the perfect chocolate cake, for the wedding, would have continued endlessly ~ the first test cake was an unmitigated disaster.  This on the other hand was utterly delicious… Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting … oh yes you heard me right, salted caramel frosting!! … I’ll leave you there a little while to drool over the thought. Continue reading Test Cake II… Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting

Test Cake I

I’m making my friend’s wedding cake in a couple of week and they want it to be a chocolate cake.  First off, I’ve never made a wedding cake before, so that’s not pressured at all; second-off I never make chocolate cake, because generally I don’t like it; and third-off [if indeed that is even a term] I’ve not baked a cake in my new oven, so I have literally no idea which setting to use or how well it bakes … all in all no pressure at all!!  Continue reading Test Cake I