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Keep Fit Like Luigi 

So I’m browsing through websites looking for new leggings to do Zumba and yoga in… scroll, no, scroll, no, scroll, what the F*ck. Are. They?!! These! These are for sale. And not as a joke, they’re designer, don’t you know?.. no seriously designer. There has got to be a reason why the designer designed *this*, whatever *this* is, as they did, my only conclusion is that they found inspiration in Luigi from Super Mario Bros … the model looks thrilled [utterly] about being photographed in it.

Fucking FitBit Challenge 

I thought it was a good idea to buy my brother and his fiancé FitBit’s for Christmas.  I also thought it was a good idea to challenge them to a Workweek Hustle … I was wrong on both fronts!

Before I’d even got out of bed on Monday morning I’m already 5,000 steps behind all three of the US guys ~ I *thought* their challenge would start at their midnight, not my midnight, giving them 5 extra active hours … arse, bloody arse!

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FitBit Wedding

There are four of us at a wedding, stood at the bar (as you do) and we’re all wearing FitBit’s of varying designs.  It seems that wearable technology is becoming more and more prevalent… even moreso that I bought my brother and future sister-in-law ones for Christmas.  My brother has turned into a competitive FitBit fanatic … bastard!

Pleasingly my wrist vibrates as I’m on the dancefloor, another day’s target hit.