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Chinese New Year Cocktails


In honour of Chinese New Year, cocktail night at work, was themed thus so and more specifically in honour of the lychee.  The first was fizz with lychee liqueur in it, and much like the mild mannered janitor it lulled us into believing it would be a easy night.  Then we moved on to these delicious lychee martini’s with a lychee nestled in the bottom absorbing gin, staring up at you like a cloaca … they didn’t taste remotely alcoholic, not the first, or the second or *indeed* the third, I’m sure I *may* have said this before, but they have a killer kick.

So we say to you *cheers!* and a Happy Chinese Neigh Year … see what I did there??  Huh … no.. right.. ok.. move on!

Oranges are Not the Only Fruit…


I’ve been working in Berlin for the last three days, just in case that fact had escaped you. I’ve been seeking everything German since being here ~ traditional German restaurants; German food; German beer; German anything and everything.

My German colleagues suggested we go out for lunch today “shall we go for pasta?” and then for drinks / dinner “how about tapas?” … erm that’s not very German I thought, plus *shush* I find pasta a bit dull, plus even more so I wanted sausage, bratwurst, brotwurst, currywurst, tbh any kind of wurst would have done, I was primed and ready for wurst!

Pasta .. YAY [dull] I thought but my misgivings were quickly drop kicked out of the window as soon as the Tagliatelle Chef arrived at A Posto ~ fillet steak edges and mushrooms in a cream sauce ~ delicious, actually utterly delicious.  And a steal at €7.90 for pasta, salad and a drink.

Later that night after a quick cocktail in the office [nice to see the German office observe the same cocktailian traditions] we headed off for Tapas at Yosoy somewhere in Alexanderplaz or close to it.  Perched on high narrow benches with only butt-clenching strength to keep me from sliding to the floor we shared these two delicious platters and a fair amount of wine … then the boys had cocktails and I had gin … and then we slipped and slided home.

I was so pleasantly surprised by non-German-German food, oranges really are not the only fruit.

Find A Posto here and Yosoy here

Das ist Gut, Ja!


Seeing as last night’s dinner was apparently somewhat less than authentic I thought I’d try harder tonight.

Armed with the phrase “can you recommend anywhere for dinner?” I headed to the hotel reception … oh you weren’t expecting any form of German were you? “What do you fancy?” came the response. Seemingly “You!” is not the right response, so I opted for “I dunno, anything” … helpful I know. After a few options said fine receptionist directed me to Brauhaus Lemke “they serve German food and brew their own beer” … no more discussion to be had. Off I slipped and slided through the snow. … Did I mention it was cold?? Did I??

The friendly waiter with a mesmerising moustache talked me through the menu and their own brewed bier ~ *this* is the Pils ~ *this* is the large ~ *this* caused amusement in my moustachioed waiter … *this* wasn’t the last.

And then … then this huge hunk of pig turned up ~ crispy skin on the outside, squidgy and succulent meat on the inside with sauerkraut and crispy potatoes. Oh how I closed my eyes, rolled them back in my head and groaned in piggy heaven… wrong??

You have to realise that I live alone and therefore talk to myself a little more than normal, and this sometimes happens in public .. bit too often, anyhoo..! Delicious … then moustachioed waiter comes along and enquires how it was …

“Das *points*, Das ist Gut, Ja!” … Then “eine grosse bier, ja!” *points* “Pils?” “Ja!” … anyone else detecting a slight propensity for the use of “Ja!”? .. JA!

German bier is strong or this stuff is! Ja!!

First German Meal


Ok I’m aware that that sounds rather like a “Last Supper” post, but I thought I’d try what I thought was a fairly traditional German restaurant … my German colleagues, once they stopped laughing at me, said “typical tourist” soooo I’m guessing Block House isn’t *traditional* German anything and now you too can stop laughing!

Regardless, I enjoyed my non-traditional fayer at Block House

the onion soup with a buried crouton under half a tonne of cheese was good as was the ribeye steak ~ baked potato with sour cream, that’s novel … now the Erdinger beer was delicious, but then I drink that in London … should try harder is guess!

Dorset Crab, Pickled Pear, Lemon Confit and Fennel

Sometimes I just can’t be arsed to make any great effort to cook ~ especially for one, it’s a pain especially after a long day, so I spend quite a lot of* [*too much] time hunting for low-effort recipes that yield high taste. And this is one such recipe. Yes there’s a fair few ingredients and yes, like every other recipe in the world it is for four people, but you have options ~ scale it, invite people over, eat it, or lob the rest out.

Being a sad, excel freak, I created a spreadsheet that scales a recipe based on limiting factor and can be flexed to scale a recipe based on portion size … wad’aya mean “get-a-life Verity!!”

Regardless of whether you scale, invite, eat or lob, the only thing you have to do is make it! It’s delicious and if you can’t find brown crab meat, use all white. The recipe can be found {here} ~ enjoy!