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Between the Clouds

When I was young I used to spend hours lying on my back watching the clouds go by, or I’d wander letting the pointiest edge the cloud tell me which way to go.

I’ve always been transfixed by clouds ~ I spend a lot of time staring out the window of a plane at them. They seem so solid, yet not. Calming.

These few are from my flights to and from Copenhagen this weekend

The Long Slow Snowy Drive to Boston

I can’t believe that the last nine days have gone by so fast and I’m already on my way home again, it seems ludicrous ~ I demand a recount! But yet there we are, it’s a true fact, it’s the end of my holiday. I woke this morning to a message from my brother in the other room to say it was snowing. A more accurate statement would have been, “it’s been snowing all night”.

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Botanical Garden Light Show

DSC_2054The kids are down for a couple of days, it’s great to see them again. Evan got a camera for Christmas ~ we’re off to the botanical gardens near Bath, to see the light show, so it’s a great time to test out his camera … and ours. It turns out that Evan’s Coolpix is nearly as good, if not better than both of the fully fledged Nikon’s at taking nighttime shots. Continue reading Botanical Garden Light Show

My South American Adventure: Iguassu Falls (Argentinian Side)

IMG_4727Another early morning so we can beat the crowds crossing back over the border into Argentina. This early morning thing is becoming a theme. I have a feeling sleep is going to be taken wherever you can … which became abundantly clear when our guide lay down on the floor in the middle of the airport yesterday morning and slept for an hour or so… meanwhile the rest of us were clinging to coffee like a long-lost lover.

Thankfully we make it over the border quickly and arrive in Iguassu ready to board the train up to the top of the falls.  Once we’re at the top it takes us about 15 minutes to walk on raised metal walkways over surrounding rivers and approaches before we get to the thunderous top of the falls.

The power and noise is overwhelming.

My South American Adventure: Iguazu Falls, Brazilian side

IMG_4682Did someone say 2.30am? Saaay what??!! Apparently we have a 2.30am start for our 5-something-or-other-crazy-am flight. God how I hate mornings, God how hard did I try to hide that fact in front of 15 strangers and not bitch and moan for hours ~ internally I tell you it was a whole different matter! To sleep or to not ~ I got a couple of hours in before jumping on a coach In. The. Dead. of. Night. heading for the airport for a flight to Iguaçu (Argentina) and the first of our three trips across the border.

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Clearing out the Cobwebs at Herstmonceux Castle

After the wedding yesterday I’m a little fuzzy around the edges. Thankfully the owner of the guesthouse left me lots of bottles of water all around my bedroom in anticipation that I’ll need them and prescribes a Full English upon arrival in the breakfast room. But I need fresh air to clear out the cbwebs and Tripadvisor delivered this little beauty, but lordy knows how the hell you pronounce it, it isn’t how it’s spelt that much I do know.

I haven’t got time to go inside, so I explore the gardens and do the woodland walk … until I heard lots of twigs cracking in the woods; imagined an axe murderer stalking me; and hot-footed it out of the woods.

The Castle (first impressions)

The Gardens

The Woodland Walk